Spencer’s the one asking the important questions.

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unbelievably in love with dyson wolfing out

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ob meme || [9/9] outfits
     ↳ Cosima’s red dress

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Anonymous requested: ‘Your favourite games as a kid?’

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Camila turning from adorable to weird in 2 seconds.

Camila turning from adorable to weird in 2 seconds.

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Can we please talk about this?

Carly must regret not going out with Freddie now

why does he look like the guy from teen wolf

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Bo Dennis ConFaegion

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I had a super weird breakdown [after the VMAs]. After everything happened, we’re sitting in the trailer like we’re about to leave. x


————-   Everyone here exept weak human girl.

so that season 5 preview, this is the first time Bo, Lauren, Tamsin and Dyson are all in the same room together, right?

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"There’s a Fae black market? Someone has got to get me a cherry coke… What? They’re like really hard to find!"

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